Relationship Storytelling.

I’m here to remind you to keep your relationships sacred and to help you put that into words.

Some people believe sending personal letters is a lost art. It’s not. 

But want to know what is a lost art? An emotional connection that says: You matter to me and don’t you doubt it! Thank you for being you. 

Social media comments are meaningless. Texts are too short to say much. And who takes emails seriously anymore? They are clutter in a noisy world. Too easy to misunderstand. Usually sent without any sort of goal in mind. 

Contrast this with a physical letter, something tangible, beautiful, and heartfelt.

The “We Love You” letter. This is a group hug in writing. There is strength in numbers, so gang up on them and let’s craft something they’ll never forget. Something they can open up and experience anytime they want to feel loved and cherished.

This is relationship storytelling at its finest.

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Mailed letters breathe new life into relationships. Thumbing open that envelope. Unfolding the paper and sinking into a thoughtfully crafted message. That’s the good stuff. The deep connection that we just cannot get from the internet or phone calls. It’s hand-held intimacy.

How it works: friend or family member, pick somebody who deserves a little extra attention. Contact me. I’ll give you a call to uncover the story of you and them. Then reach out to others who you refer. All the stories we can squeeze into 3 hours (3-4, sometimes more!).

I put pen to paper and sprinkle it with a bit of a writer’s magic. Fold it, stamp it, and let the postal service take it from there.

This message comes from your heart(s), spoken with the power of your voice(s).

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