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If it’s the end of the world as we know it. Why can’t I just feel fine?

the spin Doctors? maybe?

Hi I’m Nick.

All I’ve ever wanted is to feel good in my body. 

Trouble sleeping. Big time digestive issues. Skin rashes. Zig-zagging between anxiety and depression. Mood woes. Being bloated. Being addicted to…well, everything. 

And feeling like something was missing no matter what I did. 

The funny thing is I’ve been obsessed with health and fitness since I was 15. Taking all the powders and supplements. Getting big. Getting lean. Heavy weights. Jujitsu. Climbing rocks. Running or yoga. High carb, low carb, vegetarian, vegan, or existing on six protein shakes a day and diet pills. Binging like a fat king of the castle. Didn’t much matter, I never felt especially good.  

In a very real way, I was disconnected from my soul—my fire. But how to get it back? I didn’t know what I didn’t know. So I asked for help. I started to meditate. To listen. To pray to whoever or whatever could help me get things right on the inside. To write.  

“He who wants pearls has to dive into the sea.”

Kurdish proverb

Not long after I was lucky enough to fall in love with a healer. I’ll never forget the night she told me, “Why don’t you get off the medications and supplements. All the unnatural stuff and just see what it’s like to be as God made you?” 

I didn’t have a good reply because frankly, that was insane talk. But I was intrigued. But I’m also stubborn, so I thought about that statement for a good two years.

Turns out, she was right. I needed to resurrect myself. I needed to heal. I started with the physical. It helped. Intelligent resistance training. Yoga. Dealing with pretty severe food intolerances. Eating food meant for humans. 

Then I moved to my emotions. It wasn’t easy. I feel…a lot. But learning about them and taking responsibility helped so much. My thoughts, they were a mess. Anxious, judgmental, utterly focused on the past and future. I started gearing them to a better, more present place. A loving, optimistic place. A higher, deeper place.  

Then miraculously one day I felt my intuition come back. My inner-voice. And I felt happy again. Blissfully so. Not all the time, but often enough. And that was nothing short of glorious. 

Then one Sunday morning, I felt like going to church. A few days later, I joined a men’s bible study group. It felt like home. The missing piece of my search for wellness. 

Great news! I’m in a pretty good place now as I explore my faith, turning over new stones on my path while getting to hang out with some really caring and respectable people. 

That’s my tale in a nutshell. Please subscribe and stick around as I explore the four interlinked aspects of wellness: body, mind, emotions, spirit. 

Because like that Sinatra song says, You can’t have one without the other…

Learning to speak from the heart has been the most challenging, rewarding, scary, and important thing I’ve done, both for my personal development and my relationships. It isn’t easy but it sure is vital. And the world needs more of it.

I have a M.A. in communication and a B.A. in world history. My background is in special education and college writing tutoring. Plus a zillion random jobs that helped me see that living authentically and expressing God-given gifts is the foundation of everything good in life.

I love reading. Fitness and alternative health. And writing horror fiction–it’s my therapy–because as long as I can imagine things worse than our current reality, I know I’ll be alright! I’ve been published in Sanitarium Magazine, Dark Gothic Resurrected, Voluted Tales, Asylum Ink, and Grinning Skull Press. 

When I’m not blogging about Christian health and wellness, I work as a website copywriter and business blog builder at Castleview Copywriting.

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